Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Government Takeover of Health Care!

I have repeatedly expressed my unalterable opposition to the perpetual out-of-control government intrusion into private enterprise, especially health care and health insurance.

On 29 Oct, my congressional representative, Jim Matheson of Utah) sent out an email wherein he lists his [unconstitutional] objectives for health care reform. He stated his support for the Senate version. I responded that I expect him to oppose it and all other proposals with absolutely no compromise.

In his message he said, "...reform should make sure all Americans gain access to quality, affordable health care. I strongly believe this is the right thing to do--both morally and fiscally."

Everyone already has access to affordable health care through charity. That is the right thing to do -- not grow government! Moral people contribute time, talents, and money to charity for this purpose, among others. Politicians are so out of touch with their constituents that they do not know about our charity! Charity is not the government's role! Charity is a responsibility of people to their families and their neighbors. The only thing Matheson and others in Congress are trying to do is increase government control over our lives -- that is not the right thing to do and it not moral! In fact, the heavy tax burdens our politicians place on us commoners makes it harder for us to be charitable. That also is not the right thing to do and it is is immoral! Instead, Congress and the president should be working for a tax structure that encourages self-reliance and charity.

In his message, Matheson also said, "...reform must fix a broken system where costs are growing way above inflation - that's a trend we cannot sustain."

Perhaps Matheson should make an honest examination of why health care costs are growing faster than inflation. If he did, he will find a couple of significant factors: vastly improved medical technology (that costs money) and out-of-control litigation. I suggest that the cost of improved care as not a reason for concern, but as a reason for rejoicing. But, I do expect Congress to aggressively and immediately attack the problem of out-of-control litigation and its effect on the cost of health care.

Regardless of what omnipotent-government advocates (apparently including Matheson) say, nobody has a right to anything that diminishes with the rights of others. Therefore, Congress has no authority nor right to take money form one person to give it to another. That is exactly what every government "social" program does. This redistribution of the hard-earned money of hard-working Americans is legalized theft, un-American, and unacceptable! If Congress would stop taking money from the steadily shrinking productive segment of society, we all would be in a better position to pay out own bills!

I acknowledge that there are many among us who have not earned health care or health insurance. Some even make the conscious choice to not have health insurance as is their right. I acknowledge that some of these need and deserve adequate health care. Again, this is the role of charity only. Congress has no authority nor legitimate resources to usurp this role.

The only thing Congress should be doing about health care and health insurance is to eliminate all regulations and legislation which interfere with the efficient flow of commerce and free enterprise and to implement meaningful tort reform. All current reform proposals will only make matters worse. (When has government ever made anything better?)

Vote for limited government and for individual rights!

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