Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Depot and its Anti-Gun Policy Hurt People!

On the night of 17 December, two employees of the Home Depot in Washington City, Utah were violently attacked and injured. The employees who were assaulted could easily have been killed or permanently disabled Thursday night.

Regrettably, Home Depot prohibits employees from possessing the one instrument best suited to self defense -- a gun. It is my opinion that any entity (such as Home Depot) that refuses a person the right to self defense must be held criminally and civilly responsible for any harm resulting from that refusal.

Most States, including Utah, have in place a process of training and certifying concealed firearm permit holders to ensure that they can carry a self-defense firearm safely and that only persons with good judgment are certified. It is time for Home Depot to recognize that simple fact and allow its employees the means to protect themselves. Failing that, Home Depot has a moral obligation to provide each employee with an armed bodyguard to ensure their safety.

Because it failed to protect its employees and because it prohibits them from protecting themselves, Home Depot owes a huge apology and substantial compensation to the employees who were harmed in their anti-gun store on Thursday night.

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