Monday, September 27, 2010

Uniform laws regarding arms

Both the US and Utah Constitutions protect the right of individuals to own and use arms. I think it is significant that both constitutions specify "arms" (arms are defined in my dictionary as "weaponry: weapons considered collectively") -- rather than the more restrictive "firearms." Therefore, I suggest that appropriate Utah laws that address "firearms" be amended to substitute the word "arms." In my opinion, the most critical of these Utah laws to be amended include 53-5a-102, 53B-3-103, 63-98-102, and 76-10-500.

Since knives and archery equipment are included in a wide variety of what we commonly know as "arms" they are protected by both the US and Utah Constitutions. The legislature therefore, needs to take steps to ensure that local lawmakers don't make laws that make travel around the State difficult with any constitutionally-protected "arm."

An example where this change is necessary would be where some Utah jurisdiction follows New York City's example and bans certain pocket knives. Since a pocket knife is such a common tool, such local laws could put an innocent person in legal jeopardy should he cross some invisible political boundary.

We have more than enough laws to punish negligence and bad behavior. It is generally unnecessary, in my opinion, to regulate inanimate objects such as "arms."

The Second Amendment applies to knives too!

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