Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wal-Mart and guns

Wal-Mart prohibits its employees from possessing firearms while at work. The following are what I expect are Wal-Mart's flawed assumptions in making this silly prohibition:
• A disgruntled employee who wants to harm fellow employees would surely not use a gun, knowing that the store bans them in the hands of employees.
• An employee will never face a life-threatening situation while at work.
• Wal-Mart employees are not smart enough to carry a firearm safely.
• Always listen to sissy lawyers who are more concerned about liability and political correctness than about safety.

I have always considered Wal-Mart's ban on employees possessing self-defense firearms while on the property to be juvenile and a slap in the face for the employees. But, Wal-Mart isn't alone. Other businesses, including Home Depot think their employees and even customers don't deserve to live and cannot be trusted with the means to do so.

In the news today is a story about four unarmed Wal-Mart employees who courageously disarmed a shoplifter who threatened them with a gun. The shoplifter is reported to be a felon who is prohibited by law from even touching a gun or ammunition.

Some coward in Wal-mart management decided that its four heroes should be fired for taking steps to protect themselves agains this felon. The heroes probably prevented the shoplifter from getting into a gunfight with police -- with the strong possibility of harm to innocent persons and damage to property.

I am done shopping at Wal-Mart until:
• These heroes are compensated extremely well for this indignity. ($1 million each would be a good start.)
• The entire Wal-Mart system drops its stupid ban on employees carrying arms where allowed by law
• Wal-Mart changes it's stupid policy that prohibits employees from using good judgment when faced with a threat to their lives.
• Wal-Mart drops out of it's egregious deal with the Devil (New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg).
• The person(s) who made the decision to fire these 4 men is fired.

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  1. More ugly Wal-Mart news. An assistant manager was fired for protecting a co-worker from assault by her husband (

    Wal-Mart policies are apparently designed to protect criminals over employees. Their stores are consequently too dangerous to shop.

    Policies like this come about because the people in charge are too chicken to make a judgment about who is the attacker. They might offend somebody, after all. We're surrendering our freedom to people who won't take a stand against what's wrong!

    This mamby pamby zero-tollerance needs to end.