Friday, July 29, 2011

Congressional spending and penis size

One million of your tax-dollars was spent on a study entitled "The Association between Penis Size and Sexual Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men."

This study, which was pushed by Homosexual Lobby lapdogs in Congress and ran for five years, was subsidized by the National Institute of Health using your tax-dollars.

Their findings are even more ridiculous. In fact it is very hard to believe this was the result of legitimate academic research at all. They found that Homosexuals with smaller genitals are routinely the submissive member in their perverse "relationships", and that those with larger anatomy were more likely to be "on top."

You and other taxpayers are forced to pay for this nonsense!

Every day, allies of the radical homosexual agenda use government resources to force their perversion upon the public.

At a time when the Liberals are telling us that the debt ceiling must be raised rather than balance the budget, they’re spending one million dollars studying the size of Homosexual genitals!

Do not raise the debt ceiling for this nonsense! Stop the spending -- especially on perversion! Cut all spending that is not constitutional!

(BTW, I hypothesize that congressmen who vote for unconstitutional legislation or who fail to rescind unconstitutional legislation have tiny pee-pees. How about a study on the issue?)

Check out a more detailed version of the US Debt Clock.

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