Monday, September 19, 2011

Look what we get from government schools

I'd hate to have anyone like MsMaxy74 working for me. I'd hate to have anyone like her renting an apartment from me. I'd hate to have anyone like her borrow money from me. Why? because she thinks she is entitled to have anything and everything I've worked for -- with no effort on her part.

Now, I'm gonna do some stereotyping:
● Assuming she has enough motivation to vote, my guess is that she voted for Obamao.
● I'm guessing that she is a product of at least 3 generations of government dependency.
● I doubt she knows her biological father and I doubt her mother knows for sure who the biological father is.
● MsMaxy74 complains that she has to pay rent (to a capitalist who worked hard to earn the money to buy, and pay taxes on, the apartment in which she feels entitled to live rent-free). I suspect that her rent is subsidized by the taxpayer.

Politicians whose constituency consists of societal parasites such as what MsMaxy74 appears to be should be ashamed of themselves. But, these politicians seem to be proud of pandering to such parasites.

Now, I am all for voluntarily helping those who genuinely need help. In fact, my own donations to charity in both time and money are well above the national average. But, I reject the idea that politicians would force me to be charitable through taxation and redistribution of my income.

I oppose any government role in charity whatsoever other than a tax deduction or tax credit for those who give. Government aid is nothing more than legalized theft (taxes) from working people to redistribute to society's parasites.

A careful study of the Scriptures shows that Jesus expects individuals -- not governments to care for those in need. When we substitute government for our personal obligation of charity, we forfeit the blessings associated with charity and we fail to be obedient to God's command to serve.

I challenge MsMaxy74 and everyone like her to muster sufficient dignity and self-reliance that they too help those who need help instead of broadcasting their selfishness on YouTube for all the world to see.

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