Thursday, February 2, 2012

We want a dictator

As I watch the Republican presidential candidate debates, one thought that persistently comes to my mind is that the election process has evolved to the point where it is designed only to pick the best dictator. The same goes for the candidate selection process in the Democrat Party.

Nobody is examining candidates of either party to determine each individual's core beliefs and principles which will influence their decisions and their willingness/ability to receive counsel from wise and informed advisors. Nobody is exploring their results as a leader. Instead, the probing from debate moderators is designed to reveal whether candidates already have the desired pre-established decisions ready for immediate implementation – without seeking advice from appropriate experts or Congress.

Clearly, everyone should have some decisions already firmly established -- some lines in the sand. For example, I expect that a married president would already have firmly in his mind and heart that he would never engage in sexual activities with a subordinate. I would expect him to have the firm intent and courage to veto any legislation that is not in full compliance with the Constitution. But, that has hardly been the focus of any question posed by a debate moderator.

Instead, questions have been designed to determine how well candidates have formulated the way in which they will rule as dictator, if elected.

I would like to hear a candidate respond, if asked, "What is the capital of Trashcanistan?" that he doesn't really care what the capital of Trashcanistan is, but would seek appropriate knowledge and advice to wisely deal with Trashcanistan in a constitutional manner should the need arise.

Sadly, by today’s criteria, in the minds of news media, political party leadership, debate moderators, and the voters, such a candidate would be labeled indecisive. And, we want decisiveness at all costs -- a dictator.

What we really need are candidates for every elected office in the land who have sound character based on moral principles, who have the necessary organizational skills to assemble the best possible team of advisers, a firm resolve to follow and defend the Constitution, and who understand and live by the principles of liberty. We need leaders who know how to surround themselves with competent and moral advisers to whom they delegate and from whom they demand accountability (Obama's selection of Eric Holder as Attorney general comes to mind as an extremely poor example). We need voters who insist on, and recognize, these qualities. The current political selection process does a horrid job of finding and electing those candidates. But, it does a very fine job of electing people eager to impose their will on the rest of us -- dictators.

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