Monday, March 5, 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and "birthers"

The most interesting part of this press conference is the response of the press. See my comments after watching the video.

Wow! Those alleged "news" reporters sure were defensive! They know darned well that the documents are fraudulent. They clearly don't care about that simple and obvious fact. All they care about is defending the apparent impostor they helped to get elected. Journalism has been in failing health for decades. Journalism finally died with Jack Anderson. The "news" media is the most dangerous segment of our society.

Not one "journalist" challenged the facts presented by Arpaio's "cold posse." All they did was attack his motives. On even asked why Arpaio would bother investigating an allegation from a mere 100 of Maricopa County's 4 million residents. Arpaio's response was on target -- he investigates all allegations of crime that occur in the county he serves.

Why should Arpaio have any investigational role in an allegation that Obama is ineligible to be president according to Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution ? Because, if an ineligible candidate is on a ballot in Maricopa County, Arpaio has jurisdiction and because Arpaio, like Obama and me, took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If Barrack Obama's presidency is legitimate, why produce a birth certificate and other documents that clearly have been manipulated or forged?

Why has Obama spent millions to avoid disclosing an untampered birth certificate and other evidence of constitutional eligibility for office?

Why did (does) not the press put in at least as much effort in examining Obama's past as it did regarding Sarah Palin?

Why are Obama's college records sealed? What is he hiding? Could it be that his college records reveal that he applied as a foreign student? If so, how did his status as a foreign student change to that of a full US citizen?

All that "birther" stuff aside, half of the nation's voters would have voted for Obama anyway because he is half-black (although he was raised in a white family) and because of the "D" next to his name was more important than any other criterion. We need smarter and wiser voters.

I have been asked why I hate Obama so much? My response is, and always has been, I don't hate anyone -- not even Obama or Henry Waxman or Harry Reid or Maxine Waters, all of whom are out to destroy liberty. In fact, I respect Obama. I respect him because he clearly is a good father. I respect him because he has, and is guided by, principles -- not polls and popularity. His principles are is direct opposition to mine and to those underlying the Constitution, but he has principles and bases all his decisions on them -- not popularity. I respect that. Far too few other politicians are guided by principles.

I urge Barrack Obama to produce proof that he is eligible for the office he holds. I urge all other Americans to likewise urge him to prove he is eligible and to withhold their vote for him until he complies. Let's resolve this issue so we can move on to more important things such as individual liberty and getting control of the nation's addiction to debt and spending!

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