Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whose turn is it?

"It's Mitt’s time," says Ann Romney. "It's our turn now."

Wrong! It's nobody's turn!

The Whitehouse, Congress, or the federal judiciary do not belong to Republicans or Democrats, to Gun Owners or Hoplophobes, to Whites or Blacks, to Men or Women, to Rich or Poor, to Unions or Capitalists, to Liberals or Conservatives, to Evangelists or Mormons, to Earthlings or Martians. So, it's not about whose turn it is!

All that matters is that we voters elect competent and honest representative leaders who follow the Constitution -- leaders of whom even people who voted for the other guy can be proud. We voters haven't done a very good job of that for a very long time. Instead, we persist in electing politicians who are bitterly partisan of whom nobody can be proud.

We need smarter voters -- and many of the voters reading this are a part of the problem because they think its all about whose turn it is. That's why they vote primarily based on the "D" or the "R" next to the candidate's name or, worse, vote base on the pigment in the candidate's skin instead of his character, ability, and agenda!

Instead, let's all vote for leadership, character, morality, liberty, and limited government as prescribed in the Constitution!

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