Friday, June 22, 2012

They all add up!

I have never met anyone who doesn't agree that government size and government spending are out of control. Yet, it seems that everyone has a pet government program that they think is an exception to government waste and excess.

Examples of government (yes, even your local government) going beyond it's proper role include:
Art museums
Attracting new businesses with tax breaks funded involuntarily by existing businesses and homeowners
Business loans
Business parks
City beautification projects
Convention centers
Dog parks
Electric service
Equestrian trails
Farmers markets
Farm subsidies
Food subsidies
Food "stamps"
"Free" government schools
Head Start
Health clinics
Homeless shelters and kitchens
Home loans
Industrial parks
Internet service
Karate and other martial arts schools
Mass transit
Phone service
Public radio
Recreation centers
Shopping centers
Social Security
Sports and other recreational programs
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Stadiums for professional sports teams
Student loans
Subsidies for "green" energy
Swimming pools
Trash pickup
Am I the only taxpayer who has noticed that the cost of all these pet government projects add up?

Am I the only taxpayer who has noticed that politicians never really disclose the operating and maintenance costs of new facilities such as swimming pools and how those costs typically exceed projected revenues?

Am I the only taxpayer who has noticed that private enterprise simply cannot compete with the deep pockets of a government that has chosen to take over a private-sector function?

Am I the only taxpayer who has noticed that small businesses go away when government establishes or subsidizes competition to those small businesses?

Am I the only taxpayer who has noticed that every one of these pet government projects can be better served by charity and/or by private enterprise in a free market and that when government get involved, costs soar while quality goes down?

Before you ask your local, state, or federal government to establish any of the things listed above or anything else that is not specifically mentioned in the applicable constitution or charter, ask yourself,
Why has not private enterprise filled that need?"
A careful evaluation will show that smart businessmen probably have already done a few things:
1 - They've done a market study and found that the revenue from a $12 million art museum would be a huge money hole or that nobody will buy a car that costs a quarter of a million dollars and will only travel 50 miles without recharging.
2 - They've learned that government is likely to jump in with a taxpayer-subsidized or government-owned competition.
3 - They've considered all the regulations, fees, permits, and taxes involved.
Voters need to start asking themselves, "What is the proper role of government?" The answer is best given in the Declaration of Independence: To secure (protect) our God-given rights. Government's role is not to entertain us nor coddle us. When government goes beyond its proper role, it actually infringes on the rights of the people by taking their property (money) to fund somebody's pet project.
Would you be willing to give up your favorite federal program if it meant never having to pay the income tax again? — Harry Browne
We need smarter voters -- voters who can add up the costs of government!

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  1. I'm glad at least someone is going to do that and a whole lot more for you and me instead of having you forge another "responsibility" talking point whilst forgetting that you have a job as a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. I'm sorry your money allowed public schools without tuition to top even the most expensive private schools, where the kids are just as "bad" as public school kids but with a sense of entitlement. I'm sorry I can drive 10 minutes away and see a freaking Komodo Dragon and lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) in real life with your money. I'm not glad I did high school swimming (pool and program paid with your money so I could freeze at 6 in the morning and miss out on the sun for four winters straight), but it sure "taught" me the loyalty to understand that people like you would not even think about giving this much wonderful opportunity. I think you'd be glad too if you can chip in a little bit to keep up sports stadiums to teach your boys the greatness of tackling each other.

    Am I the only tax payer that realizes why taxes exist?