Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marxism, public-sector unions, and their influence on government

Unions could hardly be described as supporters of Conservative politicians and ideals. Even the largest union in my labor sector -- the Airline Pilots Association -- supports leftist politicians, and it is probably the most Conservative union in the nation! The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is arguably the most Leftist of all the unions. This article shows just how far Left the SEIU is.

The SEIU is extremely involved in politics. That union saved Harry Reid's job in his last reelection. They were and are a major force behind Barrack Obama. They played a major role in the recall election against Scott walker in Wisconsin.

Now, consider this: The SEIU primarily represents government employees! The often-SEIU-represented Left has colonized and infested the entire government -- from the staff that sets the agenda for your local city council and school board to the staff that sets the agenda for Congress and the president's Cabinet members. The proportion of Leftists in government employment is substantially out of proportion with the population it presumably serves. Because they are surrounded by a majority of fellow Leftists in the workplace, they have little contact with, and understanding of, people of a different political mindset. And they decry the lack of diversity in the rest of us!

Leftist in government employment, like most of us, have an idea where the nation needs to go, but they are not political appointees and therefore cannot be replaced when voters replace politicians. The perpetual retention of Leftists in civil service like those represented by the SEIU is why the nation, the states, and our local governments continue the relentless march away from individual liberty and individual responsibility -- no matter who is actually in elected office! The SEIU, the NEA (National Education Association), and other public-sector unions are there to protect that march. And, the Leftist and lazy mainstream "news" media is there to protect the Leftist unions by failing to cover rallies such a the one described in this story.

If you like to see your government's employees waving Communist flags, as described in the above-linked story, then you'll also like this story -- and the Leftist public-sector unions that represent them such as the SEIU and the NEA.

It gets worse. It has been reported that the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) is hiring known deviants. I must assume that the TSA does this because the agency needs screeners who don't have any compunction about groping travelers, thereby violating each traveler's Fourth Amendment rights. TSA screeners are likely to be unionized in the near future. I predict that they will be represented by SEIU -- the Marxist subject of this essay.

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