Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"High-capacity" magazines

Since the reelection of Barry Soetero (AKA Barrack Obama) and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has a been a resurgence in the move to ban so-called "high-capacity" magazines (those ignorant, or in contempt, of correct firearm nomenclature call 'em clips):

Here is a photo of two factory magazines for the 9mm P226 pistol made by Sig Sauer. They are dimensionally identical.

The magazine on the left holds 18 9mm cartridges. This is what Sig designed the pistol for. It therefore is properly called a standard-capacity magazine. Hoplophobes (people with an irrational fear of guns) and those who exploit the ignorance of hoplophobes incorrectly call it a high-capacity magazine. In free jurisdictions, such as Utah, this is the magazine that comes with the gun. (Note: The purpose of the short crease in this magazine is to assure feeding reliability.)

Non-free jurisdictions, such as California, arbitrarily limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds -- something that Sig and most other manufacturers would never intend. To comply with the arbitrary and capricious capacity limit imposed by non-free jurisdictions, Sig presses a long, deep crease into each side of the magazine as shown in the right. The sole purpose of the long deep crease is to reduce the internal capacity to the mandated, arbitrary 10 rounds -- almost half! Hoplophobes call this a normal-capacity magazine. It is properly called what it really is -- a crippled magazine.

Responsible Americans in non-free jurisdictions will be imprisoned for the mere possession of the magazine on the left -- even without possessing the gun or ammo! Does any rational person really believe that a thug in California will shun the 18-round magazine because it might mean jail time? Face the facts, hoplophobes: Criminals, by definition are not deterred by your silly laws, let alone by the good laws!

So, who needs 18-round magazines? Hopefully, nobody. Ya gonna bet your life on hope? A law-enforcement officer -- even in the non-free jurisdictions -- with a 9mm Sig P226 typically has a round in the chamber plus a full 18-round magazine in the gun plus two more full 18-round magazines on his belt. That's 55 rounds! Does he really need 55 rounds? Hopefully not. But neither a wise cop nor his wise chief bets a cop's life on hope. Is your life or your child's life less worthy of uncrippled protection than a cop?

All these silly restrictions do is cripple the ability of responsible people to protect themselves and the people they love.

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