Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Abortion is evil

The Clinton Administration claimed it's policy was to make abortion "safe, legal and rare." Obama also claims that this also is his administration's policy. 

Safe? Abortion is not as safe for the mother as advocates want us to believe and it is especially not safe for the baby -- half of whom are girls.

Legal? Abortion is legal only because too American voters seem to view life as nothing more than something to be discarded -- like used toilet paper.

Rare? This nation has been killing one-fourth of its pregnancies for decades -- 3,300 per day. Unless voters muster up a sense of morality, abortion will never be rare because it is so lucrative for abortionists and for politicians who accept donations from abortionists and abortion advocates.

Most abortions are performed only because the child is inconvenient -- and, by law, disposable. Abortion is evil. Every voter who votes for a pro-abortion politician is complicit this mass slaughter.

We need smarter -- and moral -- voters.

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