Monday, June 17, 2013

Political ideology and its effect on purportedly non-partisan public office

The Left, while comprising only 20% of the general population, dominates the government (40% are Conservative, 40% Moderate).

Government employees with Left-leaning ideologies control virtually every federal, state, and local government and quasi-government office including educational systems. Journalism shares this Leftist tendency. Because of this dominance in bureaucracy and journalism and a self-selected isolation from the general public, government employees and journalists presume that their ideology is shared by the general population. It is not.

That Leftist bias in government employees is not a problem and might even be a good thing except for at least two important factors:
1 - Government employees (eg Lois Lerner) use their office to crush persons with a non-Leftist political bent. Such evil is pervasive in government -- especially in government educational systems.
2 - Elections are the People's tool to change government. Unfortunately, only the politicians change. The government employees do not. Therefore, elections cannot truly change government unless the change in politicians is dramatic enough to result in the elimination of government agencies and termination of government employees.

Leftists such as Lois Lerner need to understand that while they dominate government now, the precedents of abuse of power they set today may haunt them in the future if they exploit their stewardship for political purposes.

The lesson here is for government employees, including those in education, must not use their position to affect politics. But, we cannot ever trust people like Lois Lerner to do the right thing. That is why we need smarter voters.
To pull off a dictatorship the government in power needs three key ingredients. Ingredient number one is an army of devout followers who are willing to go to any length to advance the party's agenda....Ingredient number two is a weak or unwilling opposition....The third and final ingredient to a totalitarian state is a large portion of the population that is either apathetic or blissfully ignorant of how their government tramples on their rights. As long as the check arrives, the food stamp card gets updated, the television has over 100 channels and the people invest in media that tell more of popular celebrity activities than the doings of their government, the 'ruling' party will continue to do whatever they wish with impunity. So long as the doings of government leaders don't cut off their access to these shallow entertainments, these people will not take a stand to those 'leaders' who erode their freedoms....Unfortunately we have coddled millions to the point that they will play a key role in the loss of the greatest government conceived by man. But these people will never be awakened as long as their exists a weakened opposition unwilling to awaken them. -- Duane V. Grassell

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