Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What the partial government shutdown tells those who will listen

The partial government shutdown has highlighted a few things that a few of us have been saying for many years:
1 - Most Americans have grown too dependent on government
2 - With our blessing, the central government has grown far too powerful, too expensive, too wasteful, and too far into debt
3 - At our selfish request, the central government is doing things it was never intended to do, should not do, and which the Constitution prohibits
4 - The founders were profoundly wise in writing a Constitution that decentralized power and responsibility to the States and to the People
Most Americans have consistently ignored the Constitution when casting their votes. Those who care and who are aware can see the disastrous results coming to a head under a child-king pouting in the Spitehouse when he's not on the golf course. Everyone else is at the mall with their heads buried in their smartphones.

We desperately need smarter voters.

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