Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An anti-gun elitist's view of a pro-gun judicial decison

Through a series of gun-rights court cases beginning with the 2008 Heller decision, the US Supreme Court has settled the fact that individuals have the constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. Now, a case before the Ninth Circuit challenges a policy imposed by San Diego County requiring residents to show a "pressing need" to be able to receive a permit to carry weapons outside the home.

Of course, the idea that the Second Amendment makes any distinction between "bearing" (ie "carrying") in public as opposed to private venues is simply silly. Thankfully, the normally silly Ninth Circuit acknowledged this truth. As expected, this has anti-gun activists in a fit:
Neither history or precedent supports this aberrant, split decision that concocts a dangerous right of people to carry hidden handguns in public places to people whom law enforcement has determined that they have no good cause or qualifications to do so. -- Jonathan Lowy, Director, Legal Action Project, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Mr. Lowy, the judicial decision you reference does not "concoct a dangerous right of people to carry hidden handguns in public places". It partially restores that constitutionally-guaranteed natural right! Further, there is no rational reason why any responsible American should ever be required to prove to any government agent that he/she has "good cause or qualifications" to exercise any constitutionally-protected natural right right.

Ironically, Mr. Lowey, California arrived at needing this long overdue decision on concealed carry because anti-liberty thugs like you legislatively took away the constitutionally-guaranteed right to open carry for most California citizens. Because many California counties refuse to issue concealed-carry permits to ordinary law-abiding citizens, that left responsible residents with anti-gun sheriffs in California with no ability to lawfully carry the best means of self-protection -- a firearm. Hence, the litigation and judicial decision you arrogantly condemn.

BTW, Mr. Lowey, we know that you (like most anti-gun elitists) enjoy the protection of the gun. Hypocrite! The Constitution was designed to protect us commoners from politicians who think like you do.


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