Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Enemy of the US Constitution

I am deeply concerned by statements recently made by a police officer in East Palo Alto, California.

An East Palo Alto detective reportedly made flippant remarks regarding harassing and even killing another human being for simply exercising an enumerated right guaranteed by the US Constitution.
"Haha, we had one guy last week try to do it!" the detective said, referring to a Redwood City man who strolled into the Mi Pueblo Food Center in East Palo Alto on Jan. 27 with a gun on his hip. "He got proned out and reminded where he was at and that turds will jack him for his gun in a heartbeat!"

After several more comments in the thread, the detective apparently joked that officers should shoot the advocates, who have made recent headlines throughout the Bay Area for sipping coffee at cafes and performing other everyday acts with visible weapons.

"Sounds like you had someone practicing their 2nd amendment rights last night!" the detective wrote. "Should've pulled the AR out and prone them all out! And if one of them makes a furtive movement ... 2 weeks off!!!"

I remind the law enforcement community in general, and this East Palo Alto detective in particular, that all law enforcement officers swear an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As a retired military officer, I took that same oath and still consider that oath binding even in my retirement.

It appears that at least one East Palo Alto police officer, like far too many members of the military and law enforcement community, is one of those enemies of the US Constitution.

This detective's comments are unforgivable. His comments bring discredit and shame upon the law enforcement community. They are symptomatic of a rogue cop who disdains the rights of the people he has sworn to defend.

For his egregious disregard of his oath of office, this detective must be terminated immediately.

Additionally, it appears there is an urgent need for very member of the East Palo Alto Police Department, up to and including the Chief, to receive immediate and comprehensive refresher training on the US Constitution, the rights it protects, and the obligation a law enforcement officer has to defend those rights.

Every active and former military service member and law enforcement officer should visit to renew their oath.

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