Monday, July 19, 2010

Abolish the income tax, the IRS, and all unconstitutional government programs

The United States government, by way of the federal income tax and other seemingly endless federal taxes, has stifled American prosperity. It has destroyed the ability of most Americans to save for their futures and their children's futures. It has forced the American people into ongoing and almost insurmountable debt. It has otherwise crushed the American Dream and American Spirit for millions of honest, hard-working citizens.

What do we have to show for this heavy tax burden? Countless failed social engineering scams that reward dependency and slothfulness and punish industriousness and independence.

I challenge Congress to introduce and support legislation to repeal all federal income taxes, including individual, corporate, alternative minimum income tax, self-employment and employment taxes.

In the place of these taxes, there must be no new taxes! No alternative national income tax. No flat tax. No consumption tax. No sales tax. No VAT tax. No sin tax. No excise tax. No other general national tax whatsoever.

This can easily be done without creating, or adding to, federal budget deficits by simply ending the abuse of the Constitution's commerce clause and by phasing out and defunding all federal agencies, programs, and activities that are not authorized by the US Constitution.

Every member of Congress has sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic (including party leaders) -- not (theoretically) to the party nor to party leaders. It's way past time for politicians to vote based on the limits on government described in the Constitution and on the principles of liberty rather than by the party line. Only when they do so -- or we voters come to our senses and elect new politicians who will do so -- will the soaring tax burden on the rapidly dwindling base of taxpayers be eased.

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