Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Nothing was sacrosanct"

Sacrosanct: Regarded as sacred and inviolable. Immune from criticism and violation.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s aunt, Joyce Kagan Charmatz, said of the family’s dinner table that the family was intellectually engaged: “There was thinking, always thinking. Nothing was sacrosanct.”

There, you have the fundamental problem with liberals and secular humanists such as Elena Kagan.

While they tend to believe that mankind must subjugate itself to all things living and non-living and even to Earth itself, nothing is above mankind. Not God. Not the Constitution. Not truth and knowledge. Not law. Not ethics. Not justice. Not morality. Not reason or logic. Nothing is sacrosanct.

Because they reject the notion that anything is sacrosanct, the philosophical thought of liberals cannot and will not be guided by anything other than their own selfish designs. That is why they have a substantially lower rate of
unpaid charitable volunteerism
church attendance
charitable giving

To compensate for these personal moral deficiencies, liberals and secular humanists tend favor, through government force and taxation, the centralization of, and control over, the natural charitable tendencies of mankind. After all, while they tend to be less patriotic, they do value big government and its ability to centralize power unto liberal elitists.

This "nothing is sacrosanct" philosophy is where liberal activists such as Elena Kagan are most comfortable. This is why they must be kept out of unelected positions such as the judiciary and other appointed positions of government.

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