Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Defeat S.510 (The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act)

I oppose S.510 for a few reasons:

1 - It is unconstitutional because it regulates in-state commerce. The federal government has no business regulating in-state commerce!

2 - The problem this bill intends to fix are caused only by large international and interstate food companies. They are the ones that brought us chicken and eggs with salmonella, poisoned peanut butter, toxic dog food, and green onions and jalapenos with hepatitis ridden.

3 - In spite of the fact that giant companies have caused the problem with food safety, the expense and paperwork this new legislation will require will likely put thousands of small farms and food production companies out of business.

4 - While I am opposed to much of what S.510 will do, most of these regulations already exist!

5 - Giants such as Monsanto, Conagra, and Tyson support S.510 it even though it will raise their costs. Why? The costs are easy to absorb with economy of scale and most of them are already doing this type of tracking for marketing and logistics purposes. They know it will eliminate the competition of the small farmers and producers.

6 - This bill doesn’t make food safer anyway -- it is about tracking food after someone gets sick.

7 - Why must everything be a federal crime?

Instead of focusing doing something about everything (I say gridlock in Congress is good), perhaps Congress should focus on undoing everything wrong it has done over the past 100+ years. That would probably reduce the cost of government by about 90% and make everyone's life a whole lot better.

I urge Congress and the acting president to reject S.510 and anything like it and the inclusion of any of its provision in any other legislation.

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  1. I have a letter from Senator Orin Hatch dated 15 Nov 2010. In it, he claims, "I am a conservative. I do not believe the federal government is the best solution for all our problems. I do believe in lower taxes, a balanced federal budget, personal responsibility and returning power to the states and individuals….Our country does not need more centralized government...."

    SB.510 would expand the power of the federal government over the production and distribution of food. This legislation continues the movement to turn everything we do in life into a federal crime.

    I was saddened to see that SB-510 passed the Senate. Nevertheless, I thank Senator Hatch for voting against this bill and for living up to the above claim.