Monday, November 15, 2010

No Compromise!

To Democrats, bipartisanship and compromise simply means they get what they want, but sometimes a bit more slowly than they would like.

To Republicans, bipartisanship and compromise simply means they give the Democrats what they want, but sometimes a bit more slowly than the Democrats would like.

This bipartisanship and compromise not only involves legislation, it involves the confirmation of the President's appointees and nominees. Historically, Democrats give the "Bork" treatment to Republican nominees and appointees. On the other hand, Republicans nearly always vote to confirm Democrat nominees and appointees -- no mater how unqualified, corrupt, or anti-Constitution they are.

For generations, the Republicans have cheerfully compromised with the Democrats, their big-government anti-liberty agenda, and their crusade to ensure the Constitution is a meaningless historical artifact. Often the Republicans have not only made compromises that have enabled the Democrats in these efforts, the Republicans also have initiated these anti-liberty efforts themselves!

Some time back, I heard a wise political observer announce, "The Democrats are evil. The Republicans are stupid." Try as I might, I cannot find evidence that his statement is incorrect.

Every politician, from the local city council member to the President of the United States must keep in mind that they do not swear an oath to a political party, nor to party leaders, nor to an agenda, nor to bipartisanship or compromises. Their sworn oath is to the US Constitution! Their primary obligation is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic (including fellow politicians).

The 2010 voter revolt is a strong signal to both parties, especially to the Republicans, that we voters demand a return to the limited government mandated by the Constitution. There must be no compromise whatsoever!

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