Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stop the tax deal between Obama and the GOP!

I oppose the tax "deal" between the President and the GOP leadership. It's bad for America because:

• It extends current tax rates for a mere two years. This makes it hard for businesses to make long-term plans and may actually discourage them from hiring. A permanent extension would send a much better signal to the business community.
• It includes a "food safety" bill that will ruin tens of thousands of farmers without making food any safer.
• It reinstates the death tax.
• It extends unemployment benefits without making corresponding cuts elsewhere - expanding the national debt and increasing the employer's cost of hiring new workers.
• It funds unconstitutional and bad-for-America Obamacare for 2011.

I won't be surprised if the final version includes a bunch of back-room deals and unrelated bills catering to special interests. After all, nothing much has "changed"?

This sell-out is an egregious betrayal of the voters who fired this Congress and voted for smaller government.

Congress must reject this deal between the GOP leadership and the acting president and:

• Pass permanent extension of all current income tax rates.
• Pass a temporary government funding resolution of two months so that the next Congress can handle the budget.

Congress must respect the will of the people and give the next Congress a chance to clean up the mess the current Congress made.

There must be no compromise. Compromise on principles always moves the nation in the wrong direction albeit more slowly that the opposition desires.

We need an amendment to the US Constitution that prohibits a "lame duck" Congress from doing anything short of dealing with an act of war.

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