Friday, May 6, 2011

Rating the gun laws of each state

The gun banners at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence trotted out their annual rating of state gun laws:

Now, for some annalysis of Helmke's press conference (note Helmke's huge attendance):

The heavy attendance and vibrant excitement at Helmke's press conference makes it obvious that Sarah Brady and Paul Helmke have distorted gun facts so often that nobody pays attention to them any more. They apparently can't even pay homeless actors to attend and cheer!

Click on your State on the Brady Campaign's website (linked above) to see how they rate the States. Virtually none of the criteria they use has anything to do with controlling criminal behavior! All their criteria does is determine how well a State's gun laws limit the freedom of responsible citizens!

We in Utah are proud to welcome Arizona and Alaska to our envied position as a Brady Campaign Zero. We look forward to the day when all States share our coveted status as a safe and Free State.

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