Monday, May 23, 2011

Walgreens betrays an employee and its customers

Walgreens has chosen to terminate Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven after he fired his handgun to foil an armed robbery and a potentially deadly hostage situation at the store. He was fully and legally justified in his actions. Unfortunately those actions apparently annoyed his employer, Walgreens.

I respect property rights. I respect the right of Walgreens to establish whatever policy it chooses with regard to its property.

However, Walgreens has a hoplophobic anti-self-defense policy and Walgreens fails to provide adequate armed security to take the place of self-defense. I therefore consider Walgreens stores to be an unsafe place to spend my money and time.

Think about this Walgreens management: If Jeremy Hoven were still working at the Benton Town­ship Walgreens, those two wannabe armed robbers would be very unlikely to return to that store. Since Hoven has been terminated, that store has been widely publicized as an easy target!

Until Jeremy Hoven is restored to his job with full back pay and an award for his heroism and Walgreens' anti-gun policies are rescinded nationwide, I will exercise my right to no longer patronize Walgreens' unsafe stores, including the new Walgreens in Cedar City, Utah.

I am sharing my concerns with my readers and other friends and family.

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