Monday, August 6, 2012

Another unnecessary mass shooting

The Washington Post reported on yesterday's mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. The alleged journalists wrote that the now-dead gunman "...sprayed automatic-weapon fire..."

This is what constitutes journalism today: Conjure up the most hysterical, inflammatory, and graphic wording possible and call it "unbiased news."

Here's some "unbiased news" for the writers of this piece:

1 - Automatic weapons fire multiple shots with a single pull of the trigger. According to your report, this shooter used a semi-auto -- not automatic -- pistol which is capable of shooting only one round per trigger-pull. Your job is to use words -- try to use them correctly!

2 - A common double-action revolver can "spray" bullets just as rapidly as can a semi-auto pistol (see video below).

3 - Mass shootings tend to occur in so-called "gun-free" zones -- not at shooting ranges or the much-maligned gun shows. Maybe you should write a story about why that is so.

Here are some questions the "reporters" should have asked:

1 - Why did the writers fail to tell us whether this Sikh temple was a so-called "gun-free" zone?

2 - If it was, indeed, off-limits to firearms, why did that status not stop a gun from crossing the threshold?

3 - Why did not the writers report on why none of the victims or their family members in that building were prepared to stop a violent attack?

4 - Why did not the writers report on whether the temple had a reasonable level of security to prevent or stop this attack? (There is absolutely no security at the church building I attend. Unless a world-level official is present, it must be treated as a so-called "gun-free" zone.)

As usual, this news report and its countless echos lacks meaningful depth. But, it does broadcast hysteria. Journalism is dead.

The problem isn't "automatic weapons." It isn't guns at all. It's people. Some people are crazy. They need to be treated. Some people are violent. They need to be locked up.

Everyone is responsible for their own health, well-being, future, past, and safety. It should be obvious that the world is a dangerous place. Take steps to protect yourself and your family at least until the police arrive.

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