Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Screening gun buyers

Victims of a college mass shooting 5 years ago are pressing for more intrusive screening of gun buyers.

Gun buyers (and concealed firearm permit applicants) are already screened for (Source: ATF Form 4473 which must be completed by gun buyers in all 50 States -- followed by an FBI background check to verify the answers to each of these):
Criminal history (indictment or conviction)
Misdemeanor domestic violence
Outstanding warrants
Drug/alcohol abuse
Mental illness
Restraining orders
Illegal alien status
Certain other non-immigrant alien status
Whether the individual has renounced US citizenship
(BTW, the much-maligned NRA supports and helped write the above criteria.)
What else do these people want gun buyers to be screened for?
Political party affiliation?
Sexual identity?
Marital status?
Who he or she voted for in the last election?
Religious affiliation?
Level of education?
Economic status?
Arbitrary need?
Whether the applicant was a Boy Scout?
Bank account balance?
Whether the applicant smoked a joint or drank a beer 10 years ago?
A fortune teller's prediction that the applicant might be do something naughty some day?
(BTW, the much-celebrated NRA is unlikely to support any of these criteria.)
This -- and everything else that's wrong with government -- is what happens when people let emotion cloud their judgment and demand the government do something.

We need smarter voters!

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