Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personal moral failure in the US Armed Forces and in the nation it serves

The First Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits the central government from establishing a state religion and from interfering with the religious beliefs of anyone.

Thanks to the perverted agenda of the "progressives," that restriction has morphed into a bizarre prohibition against moral God-believing people having any influence on the character of the nation -- the opposite of what the founders intended.

That, and the failure of parents to parent, has all but destroyed the moral fabric of the United States and most, if not all, other "progressive" nations.

Except when unwisely restrained by politicians, the US Armed Forces have always had a reputation of leadership. On the other hand, although a significant portion of our servicemen are moral and decent men and women, our Armed Forces have never earned a reputation as a haven of celibacy and marital fidelity.

Recent efforts to ban God from the Armed Forces such as:
• marginalizing/reprimanding officers who profess Christianity,
• indoctrinating servicemen and servicewomen to embrace politically-correct social causes and
• even prohibiting Christian chaplains from preaching and praying in the name of Jesus
cannot possibly be good for the moral character of those who serve or for the nation they serve.

Look around at the depraved condition in which we live -- from graffiti so ubiquitous that we don't even notice it anymore to organized crime to school and church shootings to covetous Americans who think the government (taxpayer) should pay their bills to disgraced politicians (who get reelected) and generals (who retire).

The perpetrators didn't learn that stuff in Sunday School. It all has its roots in progressivism and its institutionalized rejection of religion in the public square.

The immoral eventually get purged from the military ranks. Rarely do the immoral in politics get purged -- if they're "progressives." That is what we vote for every two years. If that's what the voters want, how can the nation possibly become more moral?

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