Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Director of Taxation

My employer has a "Director of Taxation." In filling this position, the company's goal is to identify ways to mitigate the adverse impact tax law and tax policy has on company profitability and even on company survival. Even self-employed people have a "Director of Taxation" (that'd be the entrepreneur himself). Tax law and policy have a very real and crippling impact on business plans -- including hiring.

In addition, nearly everyone working for my employer worries about compliance with tens of thousands of pages of laws and regulations in addition tax law and tax policy. Dealing with the government constitutes a very severe handicap for "free" enterprise.

A business succeeds and grows by spending its time finding ways to better serve its customers and by finding more customers to serve. Government only gets in the way of those two essential business functions.

Relatively few who work for government (that includes you who work for government schools from K through college) have any comprehension of the impact of taxes and regulations on private enterprise. Many of those in government who do understand the problem think regulations and taxes are always good or simply don't care.

Every two years, we vote to perpetuate the problem.

Ya got enough government yet?

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