Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American voters must unite on fixing the real problem

Most Americans distracted from the real problem by political sleights of hand such as:

• drones,
• the 47%,
• fair tax,
• stimulus,
• abortion,
• flat tax,
• ObamaCare,
• inflation,
• deflation,
• TEA Party,
• health care,
• Arab Spring,
• gun control,
• fiscal cliff,
• War on Drugs,
• unemployment,
• War on Drugs,
• gold standard,
• sequestration,
• waterboarding,
• War on Terror,
• hanging chads,
• school lunches,
• United Nations,
• War on Poverty,
• gasoline prices,
• Federal Reserve,
• balanced budget,
• environmentalism,
• school shootings,
• cash for clunkers,
• Keystone pipeline,
• confusing tax code,
• alternative energy,
• union rights/power,
• Food Stamps (SNAP),
• Occupy Wall Street,
• homosexual marriage,
• First Lady vacations,
• presidential vacations,
• Balanced Budget Amendment,
• high-capacity gun magazines,
• homosexual Cub Scout leaders,
• First Lady's sense of fashion,
• Inflation and worthless money,
• attacks on American embassies,
• TSA groping and pornographic photos,
• selling guns to Mexican drug cartels,
• hints of religion in the public square,
• battle-scarred and dead American Warriors,
• a vice president with diarrhea of the mouth,
• politicians caught in myriad scandalous situations,
• amnesty for, or deportation of, illegal immigrants,
• bombing Libya and other inconsequential spots on the map,
• nuclear bombs in the arsenals of nations led by crazy people,
• global warming/cooling/climate-change or whatever the term-of-the-day is,
• etc.
All are nothing more than clever and effective diversions used by everyone in power (including the "news" media) regardless of political party label -- often staged -- from the real problem: Runaway government. The political elites know that we all have our favorite little causes such as those in the above list. The elites divide and conquer us by exploiting our differences on such relatively trivial interests.

In spite of our differences on all these issues, the vast majority of us can all agree on the one big problem: We have central, state, and local governments that are too expensive, too corrupt, too powerful, too wasteful, too arrogant, and too intrusive -- far worse the the British government our forefathers rebelled against back in 1776! We need smarter voters who know what the real problem is and who can keep their eye on the ball!

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  1. "My theory about low-information voters is that most of the low-information people out there do not think of themselves that way. They think they know everything. They think they're up to speed and they've got all the answers. They think that what they know is all there is to know." -- Rush Limbaugh, 8 Mar 2013

    Yup. We need smarter voters.