Friday, February 15, 2013

The governor's a wimp!

I am troubled by statements Utah's governor continues to make regarding the defense of Utah's gun rights.

Somehow, Governor Gary Herbert seems to think that only emotion drives those who want to protect their right of self-defense. Yet, he doesn't seem to believe that emotion drives those who exploit firearm abuses and crimes to infringe the right of self-defense.

It would seem to me that the governor's perception of the ongoing struggle for the Constitution in general and for gun rights in particular is clouded by the very emotion he condemns. That emotion seems to be fear -- fear that Utah will expect him to stand up against the Feds as a leader for Utah's rights.

Contrary to his apparently emotion-clouded perceptions of the hundred-year-old gun-rights struggle, it seems to me to be perfectly rational and non-emotional to tell the emotional gun-banners to honor the Constitution. Honoring the Constitution starts with those who have sworn an oath to the Constitution -- elected officials like Governor Herbert.

If the governor won't lead the fight against federal violations of the Constitution, I urge him to at least get behind our brave sheriffs and our courageous legislators who are finally pushing back against more than one hundred years of egregious abuses by the "progressive" central government.

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