Thursday, March 14, 2013

Emotional sixth-grade legislators

Maxim of the day: Anyone who has to say "I am not a sixth-grader" to get respect probably is.

Today, gun-owning, anti-gun Senator Dianne "I am not a sixth-grader" Feinstein of California had a testy exchange with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas confirming that her gun-control agenda is founded primarily on emotion supplemented by reliance on flawed judicial rulings.

Emotion is a horrid foundation for laws of any kind. This is one of the very reasons we have the US Constitution and why we expect our politicians and judges to fully comply with its limits on government power. When followed, the Constitution protects the People and Liberty from people who are ruled by emotion.

Rand asked Feinstein whether it is appropriate to ration other rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights just as she wants to ration the right to arms. She never answered the question, responding only with vague emotion-laced banalities. When challenged on her failure to answer simple questions on rationing rights, she only responded with more emotion-laced banalities. You see, in her mind, her feelings and her desire to get her way trump the Constitution.

It is even more troubling that Feinstein looks to a Supreme Court ruling for loopholes she can exploit to further her agenda. Her oath of office dictates that her sole source for what is constitutional must be the plain wording of the Constitution itself -- not the opinions of lawyers in black robes who can't agree on almost anything and, indeed, did not agree in the Heller Decision she leans on to rationalize her emotional gun-control agenda! It is an awfully weak legislator or president who relies on another branch of government to say what's constitutional -- where is the so-called "balance of powers" in that?

My own oath to the Constitution requires me to oppose any politician whose judgement is so clouded by emotion for so long as is Feinstein's obviously is and who is not consistently guided by the Constitution.

I urge Feinstein, all other politicians, all judges, and all bureaucrats (all of who take an oath to the Constitution) to clear their minds of emotion and base all legislative, regulatory, judicial, and policy decisions on the Constitution.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. -- Second Amendment to the US Constitution

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. -- Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution
Every American must understand and always remember that there is no room in the Second and Tenth Amendments (or anywhere else in the Bill of Rights) for any compromise. There is no authority anywhere in the Constitution -- regardless of what lawyers in black robes say -- for the central government to regulate firearms in any way. Indeed, both the Second and Tenth Amendments specifically prohibit the central government from meddling in the right to arms (including the bazooka Feinstein petulantly mentioned in her retort to Cruz).

All federal gun-control legislation, regulation, and policies must be nullified and rescinded immediately. The Constitution and clear-thinking Americans demand it.

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  1. "I'm comforted Dianne Feinstein has studied the Constitution. She said she's even 'reasonably well educated,' and she says she's been up close and personal to the Constitution. Well, she could sleep with it every night for all I care. If she doesn't like what's in it, what difference does that make?" -- Rush Limbaugh, 15 Mar 2013