Thursday, March 28, 2013

So, ya want government control over marriage?

This week, the US Supreme Court has announced that it will decide whether a couple of marriage-defining laws are valid: California's Proposition 8 wherein a majority of California voters defined marriage as a union of one man and one woman and the Federal Defense of Marriage act (DOMA) which does the same thing for federal purposes.

For all of recorded history, society has defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman -- sometimes multiple spouses. Nature establishes the same definition.

Ah, but some people are smarter than God, don't you know? In recent years, a tiny segment of society has chosen to change that definition and impose it on others. Because we have lost touch with God and Nature, that tiny minority has successfully evangelized and bullied a growing segment of society into accepting that revolutionary redefinition. This is where the State Religion of Secularism has taken us.

The redefinition and destruction of marriage began many decades ago when we allowed government to usurp control over marriage away from the Church and the family -- for racist reasons. Fellow commentator Connor Boyack agreed that, regarding marriage, Caesar has usurped the role of God.

99% of American's can't, or refuse to see, the root of the problem. We have allowed, even demanded, government to grow to the point where it controls every aspect of our lives. Americans have decided to use government power to impose their values upon others. The extreme divisiveness we have in our nation today is not merely because we all have differing opinions -- but because too many of us want government to impose their own will on those of differing opinions. We have lost sight of the most basic right -- the right to be left alone. Yes, even homosexuals and heterosexuals.

What everyone fails to understand is that politicians, judges, and bureaucrats have decided how we are supposed to behave. They have written laws -- most notably tax laws -- to manipulate us. Instead of fighting to abolish those manipulatory laws, the homosexual community has chosen to have those laws modified to manipulate everyone's behavior the way they want behavior manipulated. Instead of having minimally intrusive government wherein everyone can quietly live their lives so long as they don't infringe the rights of others, activists seek to impose their will on everyone else.

The founders wisely envisioned government as existing to protect our rights -- not to define and regulate them. They wrote a Constitution with very limited and clearly define powers delegated to the central government, leaving all other power to the States and the people.

But, being ignorant products of a Secularist education system most Americans have no clue what their rights really are nor how the Constitution would protect them if followed. So, instead of telling the government to keep their hands off our rights, Americans demand that government define and redefine rights to suit one special interest group or another!

Consequently, the central government gets to make decisions on virtually every aspect of life -- even basic religious and family issues such as marriage and how to raise a child.

The controversial cases currently before the Supreme Court (California's Prop. 8 and DOMA) ask the wrong question. The correct question is whether the central government has any authority whatsoever to define marriage or to reward/punish one form of marriage or another or even punish/reward bachelorhood. A careful reading of the Constitution shows that it does not.

I subscribe to the time-tested Biblical definition of marriage. But, I do not seek to impose it on anyone else. I only ask homosexual activists to give me the same respect -- to not bully me into endorsing their lifestyle or to use government to force me to endorse or pay for it. Leave me and my religious beliefs alone!

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