Monday, February 26, 2018

Lamentation regarding mass shootings

In most states, before 1968, a 12-year-old could walk into a gas station and buy a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. He/she could buy ammo to go with it. Heck, that purchase could even be conducted by mail! There was no such thing as a federally-licensed firearm arm dealer or associated background check. For some reason, we didn't shoot up classrooms and theaters for the fun of it.

What changed?

- We added 20,000 federal, state, and local feel-good gun laws that only impact responsible Americans.
- We created violent video games, movies, and TV programming designed to desensitize our youth with regard to the value of human life.
- We legalized abortion,euthanasia, and assisted suicide to desensitize everyone with regard to the value of human life.
- We kicked God and prayer out of our schools and the public square.
- We stopped going to church and believing in God (yet blame God for allowing evil to exist).
- We converted our schools from education centers to indoctrination gulags.
- We changed the family to marginalize/remove the role of parents, especially fathers.
- We expect both parent to work outside the home, preferring to rear unsupervised latch-key children.
- We accept parenthood outside marriage as normal, even good.
- We no longer know or accept the differences between a boy and a girl and demand that boys learn to be feminine.
- We drug our children into uniform conformity -- especially boys with drugs known to have side defects including violence.
- We changed our cops from peace officers to revenue officers.
- We blame a narrow scope of inanimate objects (firearms) for all of the above social ills.
- We blame the NRA. Its easier and more fun than fixing all the above.