Sunday, May 24, 2015

ADHD vs greatness

In my opinion, ADHD is one of the most sinister hoaxes ever played on mankind. ADHD is nothing more than an excuse to drug a significant portion of the population -- most notably boys -- so that we all behave like standardized factory-produced products. Worse, the drugs used to treat this fictitious malady are known to have extremely dangerous side effects.
I suspect that if we made a list of the most significant, most intelligent, and most talented historical figures, we'd find a very high percentage who, if born today, would be labeled with ADHD and drugged. On that list of people needing to be drugged, I would put
Robin Williams
Alexander the Great
Isaac Newton
Benjamin Franklin
Alfred Nobel
John Calvin
Alexander Hamilton
Orson Welles
William the Conqueror
Richard Feynman
James Dean
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Jefferson
Robert E. Lee
John Hancock
Theodore Roosevelt
John Wycliffe
Clark Gable
Miguel de Cervantes
James Madison
Johannes Gutenberg
Ludwig von Beethoven
Martin Luther
Winston Churchill
Johann Sebastian Bach
Albert Einstein
Richard Wagner
Benjamin Rush
Oliver Hardy
William Shakespeare
Gouverneur Morris
Robert the Bruce
Pablo Picasso
Marlon Brando
Thomas Edison
Charles Chaplin
Julius Caesar
Humphrey Bogart
Salvador Dali
Joseph F Smith
Leonardo da Vinci
Andy Warhol
Laurence Olivier
Vincent Van Gogh
and countless more.
Think of all the lost opportunities if those men were in grade school today and drugged into conformity for the mere convenience of teachers and parents.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fair Tax vs Flat Tax

Advocates of both the "Fair Tax" and the "Flat Tax" ignore one basic fact: Government has become too expensive! It costs about 10 times what it would if kept to its Constitutionally-defined limits. I could support a "Fair Tax" only if:

1 - there were absolutely no other federal taxes,
2 - federal tax is capped at 3% (5% for a maximum of 1 year during periods of formal Constitutionally-declared war and to pay off war debt),
3 - the central government would keep itself on a rigidly balanced budget with peacetime spending capped at 2.8% with the remaining .2% reserved for the possibility of formal Constitutionally-declared war, and
4 - the central government would borrow only as necessary during times of formal Constitutionally-declared war.

That means that the alphabet soup of almost everyone's favorite "free" federal government program will have to go. As many as 2,000 federal agencies and over 2 million federal bureaucrats would be pulled off the backs and out of the pockets of hard-working Americans. Those people would have to find productive employment instead of focusing on how best to be a burden. That would not only be a shock to the RIFed (Reduction In Force) federal bureaucrats, but also to Americans who are addicted to "free" stuff. So, the cuts would be phased in over a period of 10 years. After that, the only things the central government would continue to do would be those specifically authorized in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution (defense, immigration, customs, Post Roads, etc.)
"Would you give up your favorite federal programs if it meant you'd never have to pay income tax again?" -- Harry Browne

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Big-government "Conservatives"

I am always amazed by the portion of self-described small-government Conservatives who think only government is capable of providing
after-school programs
ambulance services,
convention centers,
dog parks,
fitness centers,
golf courses,
guaranteed income for businesses,
guaranteed income for families,
guaranteed income for farmers,
guaranteed income for individuals,
health care,
health insurance,
Internet service,
mass transit,
recreation centers,
safety of goods and services,
summer activities for school children,
swimming pools,
trash collection,
utilities, and
and that only government employees are competent to staff them. I expect that kind of lunacy from Leftists and Statists. But Conservatives too?

We need smarter voters.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Voters vs big money in politics

I'm bored with those who whine about big money from big business, big banks, and Chambers of Commerce buying politicians' votes.

The only reason we have politicians-who-can-be-bought in office is because most voters are idiots. Individual voters collectively elect even the most corrupt into office -- and keep them there -- not big money!

If, for a change, voters would simply vote based on principle -- not skin color or the letters "D" and "R", every politician who can be bought would be forever purged from from office and all replacement politicians would be put on notice that they also must vote based on principle -- not money.

Stop blaming money for voter incompetence!

We need smarter voters!