Saturday, March 3, 2018

We must ban guns

In the wake of another mass shooting, clueless people who demand a tyrannical government continue to call for a gun ban. This time, more vociferously, with greater emotion (emotion is a terrible way to make law), and by using children as pawns.

I say, do it!

A ban demands confiscation -- confiscation of an estimated 300 million guns.

Confiscation demands a thorough, daily (at least), and perpetual search of every home, room, closet, crawlspace, basement, drawer, cabinet, sofa, hollow tree, garage, attic, garden, bookshelf, yard, tavern, vehicle, park, homeless shelter, campground, desert, forest, business, restaurant, tent, storage unit, etc. Searches with metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar will be essential.

All searches must include property owned or occupied by those who claim to be gun-free -- nobody can be trusted in a gun-ban political environment. Without such a search, there can be no possible assurance that even half of the banned guns are confiscated.

Why daily and perpetual?
- Because the black market and clandestine importation of arms (accompanied by illicit drugs) is alive and well.
- Because the government loses its guns all the time -- and somebody picks them up.
- Because firearms and ammo can be created with common tools and materials (eg plumbing parts). Criminals do it all the time -- just take a look in any police evidence locker. Even gunpowder is easy to make -- albeit dangerous (ask me how I know).

Anyone who has ever smoked an illicit joint or who has consumed an under-age beer has no standing to say that a ban an/or confiscation would work.

Oh, and the cops would need to do their jobs -- flawlessly.

So, are you gun-ban advocates willing to accept the consequences of your demands?

When your ban and confiscation predictably don't work, what's left in your toolbox? Will you finally start asking, "What is the real problem?"