Thursday, April 1, 2010

Donuts and Guns

Starbucks saved my life a few months ago: I checked out of a hotel in Okinawa, Japan too early to have breakfast. My plan to get something to eat in the Naha Airport Terminal was thwarted because all that was available was fish bait (AKA sushi AKA raw fish heads). Compounding the problem was being booked on a flight with no meal or snack service. I did, however, find a Starbucks in the terminal and bought a half-dozen donuts. Those Starbucks donuts kept me alive until I arrived at my destination several hours later.

A couple of months later, some gun-banners got themselves into a frenzy when they found that some gun-rights activists were safely, lawfully, and peacefully carrying guns in a Starbucks in California. (Yes, California still allows people to have guns.) Here is what the gun-banners seem think is going on in Starbucks:

The anti-rights folks demanded that Starbucks ban guns in their stores. Starbucks bravely responded that they will continue to honor laws which allow citizens to carry firearms.

I hereby thank Starbucks for their courage and their respect for the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and most State Constitutions. Although I am not a coffee drinker, I pledge to patronize their stores from time to time to buy more donuts to thank them for honoring our constitutionally human rights and for saving my life.

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