Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orrin Hatch and his flag amendment

Utah's senior senator, Orrin Hatch, has again brought up his desire for a constitutional amendment to protect the flag.

That seems fine on the surface. But, the flag is simply a piece of cloth. A precious symbol, yes, but a piece of cloth nevertheless.

A constitutional amendment to protect the flag is simply another amendment to a document that nobody in Washington pays any attention to. It is the Constitution that needs protecting -- not the flag!

If Hatch wants show he is serious about keeping his job, he needs to do a better job of protecting the Constitution from presidents and presidential appointees.

He needs to do a better job of reversing the growth of government.

He needs to stop and repeal all legislation that violates the Constitution - and he has voted for plenty of unconstitutional legislation and anti-Constitution presidential appointees in 35+ years.

He needs to stop denigrating Republican voters who vote for constitutionalist candidates over Republican-party-machine candidates. (Shouldn't all political candidates be consitutionalists?)

After Senator Hatch get that important stuff done, he can start fussing over symbolic things.

Hatch has had 6 terms in the Senate to do all these things. It's interesting that he has only begun to even pay lip service to the Constitution since the ouster of Senator Bob Bennett -- because he is afraid of his constituents. Hatch seems to care about the principles that are important to constitutionalist voters only when he afraid of losing power.

His bringing up the flag amendment again only shows how badly we need Orrin Hatch to retire.

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