Friday, June 3, 2011

Overturn Kentucky v King and restore our Fourth Amendment rights!

The recent US Supreme Court ruling in Kentucky v. King in essence revokes Americans' Fourth Amendment rights by allowing law enforcement to enter citizens' private property without a warrant.

Regarding this outrageous ruling, Judge Andrew Napolitano said:
The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to be left alone. It requires that the government can only come on to private property without the consent of the occupant if it has a search warrant. And search warrants may only be issued by judges, and judges may only issue search warrants after they have found probable cause of a crime on the property.
This new ruling compromises Americans' Constitutional rights by removing certain restrictions on government agents entering a residence without first obtaining a warrant. This constitutes one of the greatest threats to the American rights and liberties since King George III. We fought a war (beating the most powerful nation on Earth) over this sort of government behavior!

The Supreme Court has only compounded the current and egregious anti-Fourth-Amendment practices of asset forfeiture and extremely dangerous no-knock warrants (no-knock police raids have grown in use from 2,000 to 3,000 raids a year in the mid-1980s, to 70,000 to 80,000 annually, says Peter Kraska, a professor of criminal justice at Eastern Kentucky University who tracks the issue).

We are law-abiding citizens. We do not want criminal activity to run rampant in our communities. But, more importantly, we also do not want government authorities to wield police-state power over responsible citizens. That is why we cherish the protections the nation's founders wisely built into the Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment protects our privacy rights and our private property from unwarranted searches and seizures. Congress and the President must enact immediate legislation that will supersede the Supreme Court ruling in Kentucky v. King and to protect all responsible Americans from asset forfeiture and no-knock police raids.

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