Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SWAT teams from the Department of Education?

SWAT teams from the Department of Education (DOE)? (This story is a must-read! You won't hear or see it in the mainstream news.) The Department of Education conducting armed no-knock raids?

We have over 57 federal law-enforcement agencies, and now, of all people, the Department of Education has guns and SWAT teams?

Is this really the police state we want?

SWAT teams should be used only in cases that are sufficiently critical to public safety that each officer involved is willing to give his own life to protect public safety. Instead, we're using SWAT teams tens of thousands of times per year in this country for relatively minor things such as to grab a few ounces of pot as evidence -- and people are dying for those few ounces of pot!

In fact, just last month, the home of Jose Guerena, an honorably discharged Marine and war veteran, was the object of a typical SWAT raid. Guerena correctly responded to the chaos of his door being kicked in by grabbing his gun for self-defense and the defense of his family. He never took a shot, probably because he recognized the intruders as police officers. There is no report that he even pointed his rifle at the intruders! Nevertheless, he was gunned down by 71 shots from Pima County Arizona SWAT officers. Why the raid on his home? Undisclosed persons suspected he might be involved in drug trafficking. No evidence of criminal activity was found during the raid. If it isn't worth dying over, it isn't worth shooting over.

In the case linked at the top of this blog entry, a DOE SWAT team invaded a home to seek (unsuccessfully) evidence of student-loan fraud on the part of the home owner's ex-wife! Somebody could have died in that senseless raid! If it isn't worth dying over, it isn't worth shooting over.

Is this really the police state we want?

We gotta get some smarter voters -- voters who vote on character, principles, and knowledge rather than party labels, skin color, and "entitlements". There is no other blood-free way to regain control of the federal government.

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