Saturday, September 21, 2013

Defund, nullify, and repeal ObamaCare

The so-called Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) must be defunded, nullified, and repealed immediately for the following reasons:

1 - There is no authority in the US Constitution for this legislation.
2 - The political trickery required to enact this bill is among the worst corruption and disregard of the People in the history of American government.
3 - In order to pass this bill, Democrat leaders had to bribe legislators with taxpayer money.
4 - ObamaCare has already caused the costs of healthcare and healthcare insurance to soar (average premium prices next year that are 30% or 40% higher).
5 - The legislation has already caused the the loss of full-time jobs.
6 - ObamaCare is spawning many thousands of new pages of incomprehensible federal bureaucratic regulation and policy.
7 - The legislation imposes new taxes upon an already over-taxed America.
8 - ObamaCare relies on, and enlarges, one of the most oppressive agencies in the US for its implementation -- the IRS.
9 - Democrat political leaders (most notably Obama) are playing favorites by waiving/exempting ObamaCare mandates for Congress and other elites.
10 - It has many provisions totally unrelated to healthcare and health insurance.
11 - It fulfils a major Communist goal -- the nationalization of private enterprise.
12 - Most Americans don't want it -- especially those who are paying attention to what ObamaCare does to the economy and Liberty.

The Affordable Care Act must be immediately defunded, then repealed in its entirety (especially all earmarks/pork found in the bill). It must be replaced with wholesale deregulation of healthcare and healthcare insurance.

Instead of government regulation of these sectors of the market, I urge the establishment of an industry safety, consulting, and certification organization similar to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to ensure the protection of the consumer.

Instead of government-forced redistribution of wealth via healthcare and healthcare insurance, I urge the encouragement of traditional American charity to provide for those who cannot afford quality health care. That necessitates government taking significantly less money from the earnings of Americans so they can be afford to be charitable.

Just as important: The governors and legislatures of every State must protect their constituents by nullifying ObamaCare through refusal to comply with any of its provisions and by prohibiting the enforcement of its unconstitutional provisions within the borders of each respective State.

I will actively work for the removal from office any member of Congress who does not vote to immediately and permanently kill ObamaCare. I will stand behind any politician with the courage and integrity to eliminate ObamaCare and all other government oppression.

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