Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rights misunderstood again!

Utah's Governor Gary Herbert doesn't understand the concept of rights. The same is true of reporters and editors at Deseret News. That was again highlighted today in an article that touched on Herbert's rejection of a bill that would have restored the right of responsible adults to carry a concealed firearm. Dangerous people would still have been prohibited form possessing a firearms -- concealed or in the open.

The reporter, like most Americans apparently misunderstands the concept of rights. That misunderstanding stems from the notion that rights come from government. That notion differs sharply from what the founders understood when they wrote our founding documents. They wrote that our rights come from our Creator -- not from the ruling class.

The article said, "The bill would have given Utahns the right to carry...." and "It would have changed the law to allow Utahns to pack a gun...." (Emphasis added.)

That wording is misleading and wrong. HB76 would not have given any rights nor allowed anyone to do anything. The bill would have simply restored the natural right for responsible adults to carry the best means of self-protection without a permit (government permission). That right was taken away by government only because we elected the wrong people to public office. (Because of his unwillingness to restore that right, it is quite apparent that Herbert is among those who must not be trusted with power.)

Why is it important that the right of responsible adults to carry a concealed firearm without a permit be restored? Because government agents persist in unlawfully harassing and arresting responsible adults who openly carry a gun! (Consider that not all adults can get a permit for reasons beyond their control such as age.)

We need smarter voters -- and reporters and editors.

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