Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More "tolerance" from the "tolerant" Left

Here are yet more stories about "tolerance" from the "tolerant" Left.

Before "In God we trust" was engraved on our money, our money said, "Mind your business". That seems like good advice to me. I believe we should be free to do what we feel is best so long as we cause no harm to others or infringe their rights.

I believe every businessman has a right to refuse service to anyone. I accept their right to limit their customer base based on any criteria they choose. For example, some businesses don't want customers who buy, sell, or carry firearms. I respect their beliefs by shopping elsewhere. I will not appeal to government to force those businesses to serve customers who buy, sell, or use firearms.

Government's only role with regard to businesses is to provide a regulatory environment -- with just enough regulation to protect the health and safety of the public -- in which businesses can thrive or die base solely on their own merits and their ability to satisfy their customers. Government only has a legitimate right to regulate discrimination in a private business if public money is involved (eg taxpayer subsidies for day-care provided to children of low-income parents).

But, not the Left. They believe they have a right to impose their will on everyone. For example, they believe they have a right to require others to take their pictures and bake their cakes for weddings -- especially when the photographer or baker feels that the conditions under which they would provide those services offends their religious beliefs.

In both of the above cases, the rejected customers had other options to satisfy their needs. But, in their quest for "tolerance" and "equality", their tool of choice to vent their bitterness and rage was to simply demand that government shut down the offending (in their minds) businesses.

The Left exploits anti-discrimination and anti-bullying laws to bully their opponents into submission and silence. They seem to believe that a silenced and cowed opponent is just as good as an ally. Why is that? Is it because they know they can't justify their agenda in a calm exchange of ideas?

Why won't the Left be at least half as tolerant and respectful of the ideals of the Right as they demand the Right tolerate and respect theirs? Is there bigotry on the Right? Yes, but they don't use intimidation, bullying, and government power to crush opponents into submission.

The fact that government was willing to accommodate Leftists in putting non-politically-cleansed businesses out of business reflects very poorly on the voters.

We need smarter voters.

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  1. It is now reported that two groups that demand tolerance for their conflicting agendas have clashed over tolerance. This time, the self-described "Christian" bigots beat the homosexual bigots in court. See http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/gays-forced-to-serve-westboro-baptist-haters/

    Wouldn't it be nice if we all just respected each other's space a little bit?