Saturday, August 31, 2013

More emotional anti-science lawmaking in California

California legislators are required to consider facts and science when making laws related to wildlife conservation. They are deliberately rejecting facts and science in their laws regulating lead-based bullets because they know the facts don't support what they're doing and they know that most California voters are clueless enough to let them get away with making emotion-based laws instead of fact-and-science-based laws.

Metallic lead has extremely low toxicity. It is lead compounds, such as those found in lead-based paint pigments, that are toxic. The lead found in the tissues of sick and dead condors is inconsistent with the metallic lead found in bullets and shot. Any bullets or shot in carrion consumed by condors are very unlikely to be what's harming the California Condor. But, these facts don't support an emotion-based lawmaking process and will be ignored in California.

Emotion is a terrible way to make law.

It through is revenue generated by the self-imposed 1937 Pittman-Robertson tax on hunters and other firearm owners -- $8 million in taxes on firearms and ammunition every day -- that funds most wildlife conservation efforts including the recovery of the California Condor. Ironically, it is those same sportsmen who are the target of this misguided legislation. I believe that all Pittman-Robertson funds must be cut off from jurisdictions that infringe the rights of the sportsmen who pay that tax.

California needs smarter voters.

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