Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's have a fair test of obamacare

It seems that only Democrats think obamacare is a good idea. So, here's my solution:

1 - Mandate obamacare and all its taxes, regulations, and other egregious warts only for registered Democrats, Democrat politicians and their staff, Democrat health-care providers, Democrat-owned/controlled businesses, and their entire families. They are the ones who want it, after all.
2 - Mandate that everyone else endure the extreme hardships of minimally-regulated, pay-for-it-yourself-or-through-charity, capitalist, free-market health care and minimally-regulated, pay-for-it-yourself, capitalist, free-market health insurance.
3 - Prohibit everyone from switching between these two plans.

Then, let's have a five-year test beginning 3 days from now to see whether Marx and Engells or Bastiat, Mises and Adam Smith have the best economic model for health care.

If my plan is adopted, my guess is that in about 3 days there will be absolutely no registered Democrat voters, Democrat politicians, or Democrat Party.

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