Thursday, August 15, 2013

Phyllis Schlafly needs a bit of repentance

I have been one of Phyllis Schlafly's fans since I joined her in the fight against the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" in the '70s. I treasure and read her books. I appreciate her daily three-minute radio commentaries on KSUB. I listen to every one of her Eagle Forum Live interviews. As usual, I enjoyed and profited from her latest interview with Jerome Corsi on why Romney lost the 2012 election. (I was an unwilling supporter of Romney's candidacy because he is far to Liberal.)

Although I value her priceless work, I am very troubled by a small portion of that Corsi broadcast which represents a too-frequent blemish in Mrs. Schlafly's otherwise terrific interviews: religious ignorance and bigotry.

As has happened multiple times in her past interviews, a caller commented on his reluctance to vote for Governor Mitt Romney because the caller believes we Mormons are not true Christians.

I am convinced that Mrs. Schlafly is sufficiently informed and wise to know that we Mormons are Christians. She surely knows that we Mormons depend on Jesus as our savior. She must know that we Mormons believe Jesus is the son of God. She knows that we Mormons accept and study the Bible as the word of God. Nevertheless, Mrs. Schlafly consistently allows callers and guests to perpetuate the myth that we are not Christians.

Mrs. Schlafly's apparently wilful failure to challenge the ignorance and bigotry of her callers and guests with regard to the Mormon faith is beneath her. It harms her credibility among those who know the truth and alienates priceless allies in her struggle for Liberty: Mormons.

Like Mrs. Schlafly, I have a few theological differences with persons of other Christian faiths. But I will never allow those theological differences to degenerate into bigotry and refusal to vote for, or support, good Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, and others with solid moral and political principles.

I urge Mrs. Schlafly to join the fight against religious bigotry by challenging and correcting guests and callers who allege that Mormons are not true Christians.

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