Monday, August 12, 2013

More tax credits for the "green" energy scam

I see that Representative Lowry Snow of St. George want to offer tax credits to those who buy electric cars.

I assume Representative Snow will generously pay for this credit out of his own pocket instead of forcing me (a taxpayer who cannot afford to buy a new car) to pay for it.

If electric cars and other so-called "green" technologies are truly viable products, they don't need subsidies.

If electric cars and other so-called "green" technologies are truly worthy of investment, every buyer should be willing and prepared to pay the full cost of purchase, operation, and maintenance (including replacement and disposal of exhausted batteries) instead of expecting me to help pay even part of the bill.

I oppose all subsidies and tax credits for any product or service. These subsidies and credits are simply another redistribute-the-wealth scheme which extracts money from one person to give to another (after skimming off a substantial portion to pay government bureaucrats to handle the transaction).

Any product or service that cannot succeed in a free market without government force -- including taxpayer subsidies and tax credits -- must be allowed to die. I urge overwhelming rejection of Snow's proposal and the prompt repeal of all other subsidies and tax credits including for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).
Would you be willing to give up your favorite federal program if it meant never having to pay the income tax again? — Harry Browne

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