Monday, August 26, 2013

Conservatives waiting for "the call"

Who's gonna make the call? The Whitehouse? Congress? The Fed? The UN? The Red Cross? Liberals? RINOs? Hah!

Barry Soetoro (AKA Barrack Obama) won two presidential elections because Conservatives didn't want to vote for the Republican nominee -- the person most likely to beat Soetoro/Obama. So, they pouted and stayed home or voted third-party.

The same was true for the election of Bill Clinton. Unless Conservatives figure out from whence comes the "call" Colonel West speaks of, it will be true again for the election of Hillary Clinton and/or Joe "Shotgun" Biden.

Republican-party leaders need to come grips with the fact that Conservatism wins overwhelming votes as it did for Reagan. Pandering to Liberals is a failed idea.

More importantly, Conservative and Libertarian voters need to come to grips with the fact that we have a two-party system (I don't like it either). Every Conservative (Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2 to 1) needs to be actively involved in one major party or the other to help steer it in the right direction, nominate worthy candidates, and see that they win.

Waiting for the call that West speaks of is not a plan that's good for Liberty or the country. Conservatives must make that call themselves to themselves.

We need smarter voters.

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