Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gun-Free Churches? Hah!

Almost two years ago, Kristy Ragsdale was shot in the back and head by a coward -- her estranged husband. She and those around her knew she was in grave danger. But, in part, because of certain policies and probably because of a feeling of "It can't happen to me", she was defenseless and had no ability to fight back.

She should have had a gun on 6 Jan 2008. Her mother, who was with her, should have had a gun. She should have been escorted by a couple of big, burly church members with guns. Then, Kristy would have had a chance to see her children grow to adulthood. Her cowardly attacker knew, that because of church policy, she, and everyone around her, would be defenseless.

No matter how well-intentioned they think they are, it is unconscionable for anyone to deprive another person of the right and ability of self-defense. Evil, in the person of people like David Ragsdale, exists everywhere -- even in our churches. We must always be willing and able to fight evil. Somehow, these policy-makers seem to think that establishing a gun-free zone is effective in controlling the behavior of evil people. Here's a news flash: people with criminal intent, by definition, disobey the law! That includes gun-free churches!

I demand that the legislature of every state hold criminally and civilly accountable every government, church, business, and private entity that establishes a gun-free zone without also establishing absolute safety and security therein.

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