Thursday, December 24, 2009

Betrayed by Congress...Again

I am deeply disappointed that both the Senate and the House have again voted to violate the US Constitution and the individual rights it protects by passing sweeping bills that impose its elitist will on the health care and health insurance sectors of private enterprise thereby exceeding the authority delegated to Congress by the States and the People.

As expected, the one thing that congress should do to control health care costs -- meaningful tort reform -- is not addressed in its 2,000 page legislation!

We commoners (whom congressmen purportedly represent) expected and demanded every congressman to fight to kill this anti-liberty legislation with all the power they could muster. I am deeply disappointed that legislator opposition to these bills was largely invisible or week or altogether non-existent. Simply making a short speech on the floor of the House or the Senate was not enough effort. Attaching a few small amendments to the bills was not enough effort. Simply casting a "no" vote was not enough effort.

I am disappointed that a majority (perhaps all) of congressmen owe their loyalty to their party and to party leaders and not to the US Constitution which they have sworn to defend. I am disgusted that many congressmen accepted bribes from party leaders in exchange for their votes.

I urge every congressman to take every possible step to see that this legislation never gets out of negotiations between the House and Senate.

Otherwise, we voters will remember this betrayal at the ballot box.

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