Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What kind of person wants gun control?

I was shocked by the apparent violent tendencies of the first person interviewed in the following video. As with this "man," anti-gun people sometimes reveal their deep-rooted, yet repressed, tendency toward extreme violence toward people they don't like.

A common statement I hear from anti-gun people regarding our alleged weak gun laws (see below) is, "What's to stop me from going down and buying a gun and then shooting up a school?" Now, good people simply don't think like that. Good people think about buying a gun for hunting, fun, competition, or self defense. Good people never entertain the thought of shooting up a school. Only inherently violent people think that way and they assume that everyone is similarly defective. Psychologists call call it projection. They demand extreme gun-control measures because they don't trust themselves and their own repressed violent urges.

Now, regarding our alleged weak gun laws: I have a book on Utah's gun laws. Utah has far less gun regulation than many other States. Yet, this book on Utah's gun laws is nearly an inch thick and has 370 pages! Similar volumes are available for other States. We already have far too many laws regulating the inanimate objects known as firearms! And, since when did criminals begin obeying any law, much less a gun law? This cry for ever more gun laws is based on the false and dangerous belief that disarming innocent people will somehow disarm criminals.

Among the question posed in this video are related to police carrying guns. The interviewees respond that the police have been trained. Well, so have a very large portion of civilians! The question I'd like to have heard in this video is, "Why do the police carry guns"? The answer is simple, but rarely addresses. They will, like an armed civilian use that gun to protect an innocent person or to stop a forcible felony. But the primary reason cops carry guns is to protect themselves. What makes a police officer so special that must civilians be denied the most effective means of self defense?

So, given that there are an extimated 300 million guns (most of which never hurt anyone) in the hands of an estimated 90 million gun owners (most of whom never hurt anyone), how do gun control advocates expect to confiscate all those guns? Any person that wants to "rid the world of guns," must accept the likelihood that violence/death will be brought on millions of responsible, law-abiding people to accomplish that end. If they aren't willing to perpetrate that violence or commission others (most likely) to do so they should abandon the idea that others should be defenseless.

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